We often associate photographers with capturing those milestones in life that are often linked with love and happiness – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, get togethers, etc.

It may be worth remembering that funerals are also important life event.   Death IS a big part of life…….  It is something that will touch all of us at some stage.

We have become a society that is used to taking photos of almost everything in our lives from bathroom selfies to food that we eat, yet many people are still not comfortable with the idea of a photographer at a funeral.

Initially a funeral may not seem like an occasion that you would want to remember. Some people may feel it’s an invasion at such a vulnerable time.

But let’s have a think about it for a moment.

Hidden amongst the ritual of a funeral ceremony there are many special moments.

Funeral moments

As a story teller, I often think to myself – if only I had a camera……….

And these are the reasons you may like to consider having a photographer at a loved ones funeral.

It is important to document who was there – those people brought together and united in their love and their loss, the hugs, those tender moments, the stories over a cup of tea and the smiles when memories are recalled.

Maybe it’s to document friends and family who have not seen each other for a long time.

More and more people are choosing to honour their loved ones with a celebration of life ceremony rather than a formal or sombre affair, and as a result they may want it documented it for future generations to come, particularly if there are young children involved.  Photography can be used to capture that celebration and preserve precious memories of time spent together honouring and remembering the life of someone who touched the lives of others.

Many people imagine that a photographer at a funeral would be documenting grief and sadness.  But a good photographer can sensitively document those moments you want to remember with discretion and professionalism.  Funeral photographers usually have a very unobtrusive documentary style.  And the purpose is to capture  how a family have chosen to say farewell.

For those grieving it is often difficult to remember things, and theses lasting images can contribute to a positive healing process in the days, months and years ahead.