Having recently experienced a death in our family, I discovered personally, when a loved one is cremated, there are countless options to hold cremated remains.

Some families may scatter them, some may bury them, some may have them made into jewellery and some may choose to keep them in an urn or another container.  These days there is no shortage of what you can use for an urn and there are choices for every taste and style.

Choosing a cremation urn may be overwhelming but when making your choice, you may want to consider

  • The cost
  • The purpose of the urn – is it for display or burial?
  • What style and look you would like.
  • Do you require a full size or keepsake urn?

* A keepsake urn is a smaller version of full size urns and are designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains.

I recently met Deb Taylor, an incredibly talented studio potter & ceramic artist, who designs and creates beautiful porcelain keepsake urns.    Not only are Deb’s creations suitable for holding ashes, but they are also stunning works of art, lovingly handmade by Deb herself.

Deb has many choices and options available on her website but some of my favourites include:

The Tealight urns.  These stunning urns can also hold a small candle which can be lit at special times.

Fiona Garrivan Funeral Celebrant

They can also allow you to add some lovely words or inspiration

Fiona Garrivan Funeral Celebrant

There are many other designs available including heart and ring shaped urns.

Fiona Garrivan Funeral Celebrant

The ashes are contained within a silk pouch inside the urn, and each urn has been handcrafted with care, compassion, attention to detail and respect for their ultimate use.

Feel free to get in touch with Deb as she is happy to discuss any customisation or personalisation options that you have in mind.

Deb Taylor – The Porcelain Urn Company 

Photo Credit: Jun Chen