Fiona Garrivan

A Personal Funeral Ceremony

Facing the task of planning a loved one’s funeral service may feel overwhelming.

A funeral service is a very important step in the grieving process so it needs to be planned well.

We know that a funeral service is an opportunity to come together, to share in grief and remember and celebrate a loved ones life. But what a lot of people don’t know is that just because you have seen funerals conducted in the same way many times, is that you don’t have to do that same “cookie cutter style” for your loved one.

A funeral should honour a loved one’s memory. And although they can be incredibly sad, it’s also an opportunity to honour your loved one with meaning that reflects their personality in a meaningful way for you and your family.

If you need a celebrant who will give peace of mind, support, offer of choices and a create a personal fitting ceremony, please give me a call to have a chat.

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“Again, thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony today.   We have had so many comments about the wonderful celebrant, and my daughter said that as soon as you started talking, she felt so much more calm.  I that that was a lovely comment indicative of your skill and innate gift.

I actually felt so happy after the service knowing we have given dad the gift of the most wonderful send off.  Thank you for your help to achieve this”

Crawford family






“You made my day so much easier and I know Rob would have loved every minute of it.”
Lorraine Thurston

“Dear Fiona, we just wanted to thank you very much for being “the celebrant” at Mum’s funeral.
You were perfect – respectful, comforting, and so supportive.
Everyone at the funeral commented on how lovely and beautiful you were!
We couldn’t of had anyone better.
We thank you again with all our hearts.”
Kind regards
Dunphy’s family 

“Dearest Fiona
Just to say thank you for helping us through this difficult time.
Your support and guidance over the last few days helped us immensely.
So very much appreciated and you’re “one in a million”.
Rackowski Family 

“Dear Fiona
Thanks so much your kind words, and for all your work.
We’re very grateful to have had such a warm, helpful team working with us on mum’s service.”

J & L 

“Thank you, Fiona, for doing such a great job at Mum’s send off last Wednesday. I think she would have been happy and enjoyed it all.
You helped us through all the details and preparation and it all came together thanks to you. It’s evident thank you enjoy what you do and that’s what always helps to make special times memorable.”

Best wishes,
The McGirr Family

“Thank you for your compassionate and sensitive approach to our mum’s funeral.
We received much positive feedback from family and friends.”
V Franklyn

“Thank you so much you really are an amazing celebrant.
Thank you for your tireless support pre ceremony and conducting the ceremony.
We had so many positive comments from extended family and friends of how you were perfect for a service for Louise.”
Phelan Family

“Our family are very thankful and grateful to you for the lovely and professional way you conducted Dads funeral.
Everyone commented on the beautiful tribute to Dad and we admire your calm and gentle approach.
Thank you regards”
D Revell and family

Dear Fiona
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you did to make Deb’s memorial service so memorable.
I have had many people on the day and during the past few days share with me how beautiful the ceremony was and how respectful of Deb’s memory. It certainly was not an easy task or an easy day, but your empathy and respect shone through.
It was recognised as the celebration we hoped for and an opportunity for individuals to share their grief and loss.
Thank you once again  – you made the day easier for all concerned.”
B Coleman



Dear Fiona, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful help to us while we were planning Deb’s funeral and also for your help and support on the day.  Your warmth, kindness and support for us was unparalleled, and we were so grateful for your heartfelt and genuine care for us and for your respect for Deb’s memory. The fact that the funeral was just as she would have like it to be, was in no small measure due to your blend of deep empathy and professionalism. Many, many thanks.

C Nillsen 






Dear Fiona,  You are the most caring, calm and wonderful lady that I have met. You were perfect at Gerry’s funeral. Keep on doing what you do so well.

Love and kind regards






After the loss of a dear family member, finding the strength to organise a funeral and say goodbye felt all too much to bear. Fiona was recommended and from the moment we spoke, we knew that all would be okay. As our funeral celebrant, we felt supported, understood and “in safe hands”. Fiona was warm, gentle, genuine and patient. She gave us space to grieve and take our time to find our own way to say farewell.

We are so grateful for Fiona’s empathy, kindness and humour at such a difficult time. She was truly wonderful.

Donna Smith & Family